Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been busy again, which means that I haven't had time to write here. We had a housewarming party on Friday (I'll post some images when I can) and today the guys (them being Toby, Mikko and Adam) made lasagne and brownies for me and we had a lovely dinner with Stripes, Beccy, Johnny and Saija (as it was my birthday). I'm too tired to write anything that makes sense, but I'll try to update soon, and put some images of the warming up Gilbert and stuff too.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The boiler accident.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some random disposable camera pics that I've taken during these couple of weeks in England.

Back to school. Stripes and Naroa in Chatham railway station.

Tiina and her sink in our balcony.

A room of one's own.

We managed to use all the space in the van we hired quite effectively.

The truth about titimadam.

Adam and the good vibes in Vibe, after we had found our flat.

Hugo sleeping at the Whiston Road's flat.

Noora sleeping at her place in Hackney.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lessons I've learned in England part 123:

a) Things seldom go as planned. Especially when it comes to houses.

There's water running down from the base of our boiler. How is that possible - I do not know. Luckily I was still at home when it started, and not so luckily I'm now stuck in here, waiting for the plumber to come.

part 123 continues:
b) Plumbers never come when they're meant to.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

My blog has its birthday today. I cannot do anything else but smile when reading some of the first entries, writing about chavs etc.
I left to England two years ago for the very first time. Looking back at it I have to say that a lot of life fits into two years. I write so clearly as an outsider in the beginning but then at the end Chatham (/Rochester) actually became my home and I had so much fun, and ups and downs, there too. You get used to everything, but more importantly, you have to make the place your own (with the help of friends). It can take a while to realize.

I think it was the right decision to come to England, I'm happy I left. What would I have done in Finland anyways?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Näiden kuvien perään on nyt kyselty niin paljon, että ajattelin tehdä meidän kaikkien elämästä helpompaa ja laittaa muutaman räpsyn.

This is Adam.

This is his room.

He gets happy when he gets food.

We have our own private balcony too (in addition to the one in the front).

Mikko's room to be.

My amazing room.

Pictures by Gilbert.

Friday, September 05, 2008

So we found an apartment. It's called Gilbert. (Or actually the building is).

We've (we as Adam and myself, Mikko's coming in a week's time) spent three nights there by now, and it's true what Adam said to me during the first evening: it was as we were in somebody else's house because it's - how should I put it - "decorated". We have some Monet, Mucha and Van Gogh on the walls, the furniture's just amazing in the bedrooms, not to mention the carpet... It's a very English house. I mean flat. When you walk in it feels like you'd be in a house though. It's in two floors etc.
The flat is already starting to feel a bit like home though, I'm quite sure I'll be so much happier there than in Kelly's eye.

I haven't got any pictures yet but I'll post some when I can. We haven't started in the Uni yet which means I have to wait until that to get my films developed.
We went to Uni and to Rochester-Chatham yesterday with Tiina and Adam and it felt so weird to be back there. It felt good and it felt bad, that's the only way how I can put it I guess. It feels so nice to live in London, and I dunno if I should say this but it sure feels good that I don't have to live in Medway anymore, although I know it's gonna be hard commuting there and I'm gonna be practically pennyless in London.

The reason why we went there is that we hired a van to move our stuff (5 addresses to pick up stuff from and 5 places to leave the stuff to in London...) After all that me, Tiina and Noora went to see Hercules & Love Affair in Koko in Camden. The same place where I went to see Roisin Murphy. It's a very nice looking place but I can't help thinking that Herkku would have been so much better in a club environment, everybody dancing etc.
I'm still knackered after yesterday's loooong day and waking up really early today to return the van. I should move my ass and go and do some shopping. We're missing some crucial stuff, like plates...