Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm back in Chatham. Haven't seen Mickey yet, but I'm sure he'll come around soon. Instead I've seen natives wearing their flip-flops. I wouldn't.

Haven't got anything to write really, I'm just very tired and I've got loads to do and I'm trying to avoid it.
And I'm well annoyed too, I forgot to take part to the Basware competition, the deadline was yesterday.

Oh well.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

" Poem 524
For Dorothy

A mouse fucking died.
Don't ask me how - the twat just died.
Old age or whatever - or a mousetrap.
Either way - no more mousey.
I chopped the little wanker in half when I found him. "

(I wish. The poem by Tim Key).

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bew hew.

My bag was stolen yesterday. Of course my wallet was there. Of course my phone was there. Of course my english and finnish sim-cards were both there. Of course my stupid notebook that has diary entries and tutorial notes etc was there. Of course my keys were there. But of course, because I'm the kind of person who drags her all belongings everywhere, the muumimamma-type, you know: in case I needed to write something very important down while I was dancing I just had to have my notebook. And who knows, they could have had a student discount in the Ship Inn, so sure I needed my student card too. And my hammer and my sewing equipments and my friggin' spirit level.

Otherwise I had a fun night with Ben, Tiina, Adam, Naroa, Minja, Erno, Emma and Thorbjørn in the Ship, but I have to tell you, dancing is dangerous. This would never have happened if I hadn't danced!

Anyway, I don't know when I get all this stuff sorted out now, most probably I won't have a finnish sim-card when I get to Finland. I'm just finishing this and going to Chatham to find out how quickly I can get the english sim-card replaced. If only I had a phone where to put it then.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cheeky monkeys.

Monday, March 03, 2008

These are from the same day, Aingeru's trousers did funny things to us.

Like I said in the previous post, I shot some more for my national identities series (you might have seen it in the Näkymä exhibition in Cable Factory at summer). These two are just light tests shot digitally.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oh dullness.

My motivation is just so unbelievably lost with the uni work, that I don't know what to do and where to start. I wasn't expecting this to happen to me, I've been a lot happier here now in the second year than in the first year. And I was working hard during the first semester, what happened to that? What happened to enjoying what I'm doing and studying?

I spent all day today watching telly and lying on the sofa in Rochester Street (Erno, Toby, Tiina and Anton live there). Should have been doing something else. Last weekend I was just watching films in Hugo's house with him. Should have started doing something then.
I just can't get myself to concentrate on anything really, I'm restless in a bad way. It's not like I'm doing other stuff or personal projects, I'm not doing anything.

Nothing's moving. We still have mice, still haven't got heating (the coldest winter months are gone now, so doesn't really matter anymore), I still haven't made up my mind where to live next year, I don't know what to do with the summer and where to live, I'm broke and not doing anything about it... I could continue the list, but it would be just depressing.

My brother told me that the lack of motivation is just something that happens to everybody at some point in their studies. Please tell me it is so and how to get over it. Like I said, I wasn't expecting this at all. I think I've been doing quite well or at least okay with my studies until now, it's been clear to me that I want this and want to learn and work hard. Oh I don't know. I guess one of the problems is that we haven't really been receiving any feedback at all. It doesn't really encourage or challenge you, does it?

I'll post some pictures when I can. I took my little sisters to the studio when they were here, and a week before that I continued with my national identities series and we ended up fooling around in the studio with Ben and Tracy and a pair of Aingeru's old trousers. I have a couple of more random polaroids too. And more pictures from the model village. And some party pictures.

I finally got one decision made in my life: I'm coming to Finland for a week later on this month. I've decided it's going to be lots of fun.